Thursday, February 14, 2013


I go by Xenocrypt and I'm a pretty regular contributor to the great Daily Kos Elections. I thought I'd start this blog so I could continue to post there while having the option of going into more depth about specific topics without worrying about using up all of their internet pages.

To give some idea of my interests: At DKE, I examined Charlotte precinct-level voting on North Carolina's marriage amendment, I argued that conservative Democratic Senator Joe Manchin doesn't really "act like a Republican" (although that's subjective), and I suggested that Arizona Democrats might win the pivotal 28th Legislative District, and with it, some control of the Arizona legislature. Which didn't happen.

I'm probably going to start with a few posts looking into the 83rd Congress from various perspectives. I think it's important to try to understand the politics of the past as thoroughly as we try to understand the politics of the present.

My background is a map of Bridgeport, Connecticut that I made using Dave's Redistricting App to show the city's remarkable diversity. For more details on it, see my Bridgeport diary. But I also just like the way it looks.

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